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About the game

Z4Zombie is a 3rd person co-op tactical shooter narrative game for the mobile platform. In this game, four players embark on a mission to uncover the cause behind the loss of communication at the ARC (Alien Research Center) and the outbreak that ensued.

The main objective is to investigate the origin of the phenomenon that’s transforming individuals into zombies. This involves locating missing personnel and uncovering answers hidden within the lab where the outbreak originated.


Narrative & Tactical Shooter Mechanics: Combining tactical shooter gameplay with narrative elements like cut scenes.

Co-op Missions: Progress by working together; some tasks require all players to solve puzzles, promoting teamwork to reduce risks.

Access Card Unlock: Certain doors require security cards to unlock.

Unique Zombie Dynamics: Unlike typical mobile shooter games, shooting at specific zombie limbs results in crawling, as seen in PC zombie games.