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About us

Welcome to BornMonkie’s official website! 

We’re a self-funded Hyderabad-based video game company with one goal in mind – to provide a crazy gaming experience to all gamers out there, with a little Indian twist! We work as an Independent Studio and have been officially running since 2018, to give you world-class video games for many years to come. 

Our Games

We make amazing Indian games to give you the full-on cultural experience of the land of wonder! Ever wondered what it’s like to be a special agent in India? Or have you perhaps pondered what it would be like to live the fun-fueled life of an Auto Driver? These are the questions our games give you the answers to, with titles such as Saaho and AutoRaja. We don’t just stop there, though! We also make more minimalistic games for arcade-like ambient experiences, all on your smartphone. 

AutoRaja: Tuk Tuk Battlegrounds


AutoRaja: Tuk Tuk Battlegrounds

Do you think you have what it takes to be India’s next AutoRaja? Well, there’s only one way to find out! Play South India’s first .io style Multiplayer Game, “AutoRaja” and see if you have what it takes to be the best turreted Tuk Tuk driver there is. Pick up passengers in AutoNagar (the more the merrier!) and compete with other drivers to be the best! The aim is to survive for five minutes and has more passengers than the other Tuk Tuk drivers. A classic .io style game with a wonderful Indian twist, this game caters to all your Mirch-Masala needs!


Our very first game release, it’s the brain-baby of BornMonkie!

ShapeHit is a Fun, Colorful, Vibrant, Addictive and Intensely challenging game about (as the name suggests) shapes that Hit each other. ShapeHit was a huge “hit” in China on iOS and has since been featured in many other countries. It’s the perfect game for your minimalist gamer needs. 

Have You Checked Out Our Blog?

If you haven’t, you totally should! It’s very informative on the workings of BornMonkie, giving you constant updates and official release information. It also gives you an eye into the gaming experience from a written perspective – with special information and lots of interesting details. Dive right in! 

About The Team

We’re a group of gamer buddies that met in Engineering College and have been tight ever since! We founded BornMonkie in 2016, and made it official and registered it in February 2018, and have been providing you with a great gaming experience ever since. We started off by launching a game called ShapeHit that was developed by our CEO, VK Samhith, and it was a hit in China at the time of its release and trended throughout the country.  We used to make Korean games for outsourcing and then moved on to developing games like Saaho and AutoRaja, and as of last year, we’ve had funding from an Angel Investor to give you many more exciting games to come!


C.E.O / Founder

Programming 80%
Game Design 50%

VK Samhith is the CEO of BornMonkie and the brain behind ShapeHit. He helped start off BornMonkie and has been designing games for a long time now, constantly working on new content for gamers everywhere!

JP Reddy

VP GROWTH / Head of publishing

digital Marketing
Growth Hacking 55%
Game Designer
Game Designer and 3d Artist 60%

Pavan is the Manager of BornMonkie and also handles the PR section of the company. He was VK Samhith’s junior in college and met by chance while he was working on a Mini Project about VR Gaming. They both immediately found each other’s love for gaming and have provided the market with great games ever since!


Most frequent questions and answers

BornMonkie is an indie game studio. We are a bunch of ambitious game developer and designers who are very rebellious at heart and always try to challenge the conventions and whats possible.

Hell No!! We are weird bunch..we founded this company to make games of our own. 

Hell Yah. Throw that money over here!!

The office is about the size of your garage with 3 Game developers 

The studio was founded to make AAA games from India. We will get there but not yet!!

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If you have an insatiable hunger for quality gaming and experience, you should join us on our Discord! It comes with many benefits, such as early access to developments and Beta Programming. You can even get directly in contact with our Developers and talk to them! You could even help contribute to the overall gaming experience with your invaluable suggestions, through early access to our games.

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