Turrets@Autoraja Game

AutoRaja, South India’s very own .io style multiplayer game, now has new features, and a wider range of selection to choose from! Since the game aims at allowing you to aim how you want, we have a whole new array of turrets you can attach to your pimped out rickshaws! 

Introducing, three new styles of turrets for the best blast action you can ask for!

First, we have the basic and classic turret with one shooter. It’s called the FireGola Turret and it’s PERFECT to start out with. It comes with 10 different skins to pick from, depending on how you want your tuk tuk to look! The FireGola has crazy accuracy for both short and mid range, with deadly firepower, and what’s more? It even has an unlimited number of shots. More ammo, more damage, and more chances of becoming the next AutoRaja!

Next up, we’ve got a whole new range of double-barrel turret guns for your tuk tuk! Again, with 10 different skins! Under this, you can even be lucky enough to get the Boomer Gun, one of our personal favorites. The Boomer Gun is a very rare weapon, in limited magazine size, and is a distance killer, with great accuracy for longer ranges! The damage it causes is great, and that is exactly why it will help you win the game. It even has the ability to bounce it’s bullets back when they hit buildings, giving you better chances of hitting more competition! Will you be lucky enough to use this kickass BoomerGun with it’s rubber-like bullets to bounce your way to the top?

Finally, we have a wide range of 100-Walla Turret guns! As the name itself suggests, it is unlike the classic and even the double barrel, because it fires shots worth hundreds at a time! A rare turret is the 100-Walla Shots Turret, which has devastating long-range firepower. It comes in limited magazine size and since it is so special, it cannot be reloaded. It shoots 100 bullets at once at random, giving you even greater chances at blasting away your opponents. Do you have what it takes to wield a powerful weapon like the 100-Walla Shots Turret? 

All of the above can be bought in the Store for gems and coins.
Check out the Store menu, and see if you can handle the heat!