Treasure Box @AutoRaja Game

Don’t like spending gems and coins? Then complete your daily challenges to unlock the Treasure Box! Once you’ve settled into the AutoRaja lifestyle, you’ll be given the opportunity to complete challenges on a daily basis and the Treasure Box will pop up on your road map!

If you like what you see in the Shop and Garage, but don’t have the coins and gems to spend (you can always buy more for real money, though!), you still have a great chance of winning new skins and turrets through the Treasure Box! You can even win shields and up your defenses so you have a better shot at becoming the next AutoRaja!

What’s that? You have an ABUNDANCE of Gems and Coins? Well, you can even BUY treasure boxes if you’ve already completed the challenge and unlocked your box for the day. The more the better, right? You can even buy a PREMIUM Treasure Box and stand a chance to win rarer items and goods!

The Treasure Boxes sometimes contain items that aren’t even in the Store, so stay tuned and keep doing your daily challenges for a chance to get Iron Man skins and more!