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AutoRaja Coco Taxi

Speaking of pimped out rickshaws and not doing them the justice of listing them out would be a crime! You’re now familiar with the new range of turrets you can choose from, but have you been introduced to AutoRaja’s killer rickshaw range yet?

We’ve got the default, yet ever-classic Indian Auto, with it’s charming yellow and black paint job. If you’re from India, you’d definitely love this one, because it’s always way cheaper than a taxi! It’s even great for the environment, with it’s TwinSpark 4-Stroke DTSI Petrol engine, and 198.88 cc power. It’s top speed is 80 kmph, with a mileage of 18-20 kmpl, and a rock-hard iron body that serves to protect it’s passengers and the next potential AutoRaja! This default rickshaw comes in five different skins!

If you want something more “meta”, you can even try out the Auto Cartoon! In an animated game, for a skin to be a cartoon is a cartoon in itself, don’t you think? This rickshaw style serves to entertain with it’s five different skins and goofy comical look. It’s perfect for a fun-loving game like AutoRaja, and also has the same features as the Classic Auto, so you really can’t go wrong with this one!

AutoRaja BoomerGun

If you’ve watched shows like Narcos and have been completely enamored by Pablo Escobar’s character, you’d love the Coco Taxi! It’s character is just right for your Cuban-style needs. It has a gas-powered 2-Stroke engine with a top speed of a whopping 140 kmph and a milage of 12-15 kmpl. It’s fibre-glass body has the perfect finished look in all five different skins, and it goes really well with the aesthetic of what an AutoRaja would be!

If something more futuristic it is that you desire, then check out the Auto Punk 2077. It’s got a great cyberpunk look and functions smooth and efficiently, because AutoRaja believes that the future is now! It’s got a Twin Turbocharged Flat- Six Engine with a power of a mighty 3746 cc! It’s top speed is a crazy 395 kmph and it’s fibre-glass body makes it runs so smoothly. If you’re the kind of person that likes to go from 0 to 100 real fast (2.8 seconds, to be exact), this is the perfect choice for you! You even get to choose from five different sleek looking skins!

Well, what are you waiting for? Stop by the Garage and pimp your ride with gems and coins!